COVID-19 Preventive measures

We continue operating repatriation
flights to reunite families.

We have activated a 24/7 line for any type of question or request.

+569 7448 9206

Safety experts guide us in providing the best protection, both on ground and in the air.

Our crew is checked by physicians and, if needed, will undergo the necessary quarantine.

Our team will guide, and at all times accompany, any passenger who must comply with medical safety protocols.

Our collaborators who can work from home are at home since Monday, March 16, 2020.

Collaborators who must work in person are transported to their homes to avoid contagion.

All aircraft entering maintenance are sanitized with employee-safe products, as are our maintenance infrastructure and tools.

We have restricted our in-person service to technical and airworthiness documentation required for maintenance control. Please prefer our remote channel and contact us at

The flight times vary depending on the curfews prevailing in the country.

For further information, please contact us at our
nuestro Centro de Control de Operaciones Aéreas:

+56 9 7448 9206  | +56 2 2611 1559