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We guarantee safe operations and the highest-level experience.

Operational Safety

Perimeter Security

Environment, Health and Safety

The constant training of our collaborators allows us to achieve high safety standards. Simple and efficient operation monitoring processes, in a reliable organizational environment are the key for the framework of compliance and application of the SMS operational safety system.

Our certifications

Along with ensuring successful flight operations, the safety of our customers, passengers, crew and ground personnel are a priority for Aviasur. Therefore, we have all the necessary resources to protect our facilities, aircrafts and people from any act of unlawful interference.

Safety and care for the environment are a priority in our operations. In order to comply, our management is focused on accidents prevention. We are constantly training our staff and supervising onsite procedures.

We take care of the environment by making reasonable use of natural resources, disposing our waste in accordance with current legislation and creating periodically awareness within our work team.