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How to fly?

Spot flights

Flights contracted on a specific basis, with a route, date and determinated aircraft, according to the destination and quantity of passengers

Jet Card

This is the perfect choice for those that flight often and can plan their flights in advance.

You can purchase flight hours in advance in a specific aircraft. A great benefit of contracting Aviasur Jet Cards is that you can trade hours between the different aircrafts options we offer.

Fractional Ownership

To own a fraction of the aircraft, sharing the costs with other owners.

Full Ownership

Become owner of your aircraft. Our team of advisors will guide you step by step in order to find the best choice for you, either for a new or pre-owned model.

Official representatives

We are the official representatives in Chile, Perú and Bolivia of
Textron Aviation for its Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft.

Official representatives
Beechcraft King Air 90
Beechcraft King Air 250
Cessna Citation Bravo
Cessna Citation CJ4
Pilatus PC-24
Bombardier Challenger 605
Gulfstream G550
Lets fly

Benefits of private aviation

Pandemic times: effective physical distancing since flights have fewer passengers.

Migratory and security processes in exclusive areas in order to avoid crowded spaces at the airport.

Crews are tested on a weekly basis for Covid-19 IgG/Igm Clongene.

Less manipulation of your luggage.

UV sanitization of our facilities and aircrafts.

VIP Lounge in our private Air Terminal.

Catering on board.

Concierge available.

Customer Experience Services.

Private transportation from your home to Aviasur in Santiago.

Exclusive partnerships with associated brands.

Private underground parking in order to protect your privacy and security.

Car washing and detailing.

Lets fly

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customize your travel package

Lets fly

Let yourself be surprised

by a luxury hotel experience


Hotel B - Barranco, Lima

The Westin - Miraflores, Lima

The Luxury Collection - Palacio del Inka, Cusco

Aloft - Miraflores, Lima

AC Hoteles Marriot - Miraflores, Lima

Four Seasons Hotel - Buenos Aires

Tierra - Atacama - Chiloé - Patagonia

Explora - Patagonia, Rapa Nui, Atacama

Viña VIK - Millahue, San Vicente de Tagua

Chile Peru Seasons Hotel