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FBO Santiago, Chile - Terminal 1
Step into Chile's leading FBO Terminal, a spacious 700m² facility blending luxury with efficiency. It's the country's largest and most modern, serving domestic and international flights. Our streamlined processes make travel smooth, offering easy procedures for travelers. We cover transportation for crews and passengers, ensuring effortless arrivals and departures. Explore our exclusive Crew Lounge and relaxation spaces, crafted for ultimate comfort before your next journey. Discover unmatched service and convenience at our expansive FBO Terminal in Chile.
FBO Pisco, Perú
Our FBO in Pisco, Peru, strategically located in South America, spans 560m². Equipped with five VIP lounges, flight support services, a crew rest area, and a meeting room, it's an excellent stop for fueling and crew rest in the heart of Pisco, catering to various needs during your journey.
FBO Santiago, Chile - Terminal 3
Introducing Terminal 3, housing the largest executive aviation hangar in Chile. This remarkable space can host aircraft weighing up to 30,000 kilograms. With dimensions of approximately 79 meters in width by 37.5 meters in depth, it offers abundant room for various aircraft sizes. Its exterior is designed to comfortably accommodate a maximum-weight Airbus 320, showcasing its versatility for larger planes. Terminal 3 stands as a beacon of aviation infrastructure, catering to diverse executive aviation needs with its expansive and accommodating hangar.
FBO Santiago, Chile - Express Terminal
Our Express Terminal, a versatile area of 350m² designed for up to 180 passengers. Everything can be adjusted to suit you, from coffee stations to counters. You have direct access to the boarding platform, ensuring a seamless boarding process. Our Express Terminal is all about personalizing your experience for maximum convenience.
Hangar Miami, Florida - Opa-Locka International Airport
Located in Opa Locka International Airport, the Aviasur hangar spans 1300m2 and hosts a VIP lounge, embodying sophistication and functionality. With access to various aviation services, from storage to refueling, it caters to discerning travelers and aviation enthusiasts, offering luxury and convenience in one prime location.


Private Air Terminal, domestic and international flight dispatch

Migratory procedures in our private terminal.

Hotel reservations.

Crew and passengers transportation.


VIP Lounge.


Meeting Rooms.

Crew Lounge & rest areas.

4 Hangars.

Aircraft lavatories and water services.


Flight Support

Coordination and monitoring of flights at regional and international level

Handling service

Jet A-1 fuel sale in LATAM

Americas 24/7 trip support.

Migratory procedures in our private terminal.

Crew and passengers transportation.

Flight Support

Our certifications


Fuel sale at competitive rates in national and international market.

Tax free sales in Chile and Peru for international flights.

Aircrafts Keepers

4 Hangars with 6000 m2 total area and Hangar keeper Insurance.

Fire prevention system (sprinkler system).

Led lighting system.

Cleaning service and detailing performed by our partner Unique Style.

Security system with CCTV.

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